News From Home - Reykjavik

During November 2019 we were be part of the SÍM Residency program. Monday the 11th of November at 4PM we held an Artist Talk about our work. On the 28th of November there was a group exhibition at the SÍM gallery in Reykjavik.

In this project we are exploring Iceland, it’s places, people and their stories. The ultimate aim of this project is to complete various ‘postcards’ which act are anti-iconic postcards. Rather than iconic images of Iceland, that the outside world or tourist is used to seeing, we want to create works based around people, stories and objects that are usually hidden.

IceFold Group Exhibition

This video work is from the series News From Home - Iceland. For this exhibition the artists have chosen to experiment with creating a ‘moving postcard, to provide an insight in to Icelandic stories beyond the typical ‘tourist gaze’. Each of the scenes presented collaged photographs that the artists have captured during their stay in Iceland during November.