Talk To Me

Talk To Me’ is a humorous and thoughtful sound project which aims to explore the possibility for Human communication with the ‘Other Than Human’. It does so through the creation of various absurdist, fictional dialogues with objects/entities. 

During our time (July 2020) on the Pampus island as part of the project Het Klimaatmuseum we will explore how encouraging communication and focus towards an inanimate and overlooked object can encourage new relations to the wider world around us.

The interactive sound installation will take the audience on a journey through each object/entity’s life, to where it sits now, going on to discuss the idea of serving their purpose in the world. The story of each object will be a funny examination of the human condition, ultimately touching on the basic things that make us who we are and encourage a greater imagination towards the earthly objects all around us.

To find out more and get up to date insights on the project, you can visit the exhibition website here.

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