The Future Is Loading 

This project consists of various abstract digital collages printed on textile, that draw inspiration from and collide elements from the physical and digital worlds. Visually, these works move between control and chaos, and truth and fiction, utilising bold colours, strong textures and diverse imagery.


The aim of this work is to give a physical form to modern life that is lived between cyberspace and real space. As we consider the past, the present and the future, we do so between these two ‘spaces’. This project is an effort to capture this fluid and fragmentary existence.

This is achieved through creating artworks that can be considered ‘mind maps’ of contemporary existence, an effort to visualise the vast flow of ideas and encounters across these two spaces. In our works we provide a physical form to this mass of information. This creates an opportunity to pause and reflect on various elements that are not unfamiliar but rarely engaged with as a whole.

This work explores the story of Abel Tasman, the Dutch explorer to who accidentally 'discovered' Tasmania in 1642. We say 'discovered' because while he was the first European to see this land, Australian Aboriginals had been living here for thousands of years prior to this.

Upon his 'discovery', he wrote a few pages in his journal, sent one of his men to shore to plant a flag and then was blown out to sea, to never to set foot there. Later this piece of land would be named in his honour, among many others associated places and objects -a mountain, a caravan park, a glacier, a bridge, a sea and a ship.
This work is an exploration of the story of Abel Tasman. It was produced by myself, in collaboration with the Tasmanian artist Luke Conroy. The work measures 150cm x 100cm and is printed on fabric.
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