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Anne Fehres sound recording Talk To Me
Anne filming video Talk To Me

Anne Fehres (1988) is a visual artist and audiovisual designer working on interdisciplinary projects grounded in research into social subjects. Her projects take form in photography, sound design, film, textile design and video art installations. Anne’s work is frequently site-specific, collaborative and resonates strongly with the community she works in. Her work often explores the themes of identity, memory and history. She participates and reflects through her work on socio-ecological subjects, to tell stories and to create a role for herself in order to help build vibrant communities and provide a platform for those overlooked. Anne lives and works in The Netherlands.

Anne has a Bachelor of Arts in Audiovisual Arts from the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Ghent, Belgium. After graduating in 2013 she began a career as an audiovisual designer and in 2019 she started working fulltime as an visual artist. Currently Anne’s focus is on a variety of collaborative and interdisciplinary projects with the Australian visual artist and sociologist Luke Conroy. From their diverse backgrounds they are drawn to projects that are collaborative and engage with social concerns, ecological issues and interdisciplinary innovation. Their projects are broadly focused upon identity formation, exploring how current and historic experiences at a micro level can shape and be shaped by events, processes and systems at a macro level. The duo's aim is to create works for engagement both in and outside of traditional gallery spaces and the power of art to encourage social participation. 


Their work has been exhibited across Europe in a variety of solo and group exhibitions. Previous projects have been successfully awarded grants and funding through International organisations including: The European Cultural Foundation, Creative Europe, The Consulate General of the Netherlands, The Italian Ministry of Culture, Goethe Institut, The Arts Council Malta, Arts Tasmania (Australia), Australia Council for the Arts, Stroom Den Haag (The Netherlands), CultuurSchakel (The Netherlands), Viborg Kunsthal (Denmark), Hošek Contemporary (Germany), Ministry of Culture of Karelia (Russia), Municipality of Plovdiv (Bulgaria), Filmboard Karlsruhe (Germany), Artist Residencies Enschede (The Netherlands), Creative Communities (Italy), The Pier2 Art Center (Taiwan), LINZ FMR (Austria), Klimaatmuseum (The Netherlands), IDENSITAT (Spain), CYENS Centre of Excellence (Cyprus), Cultuurfonds (The Netherlands), Stimuleringsfonds Creatieve Industrie (The Netherlands), NL Film Fonds (The Netherlands) and Hong-gah Museum (Taiwan).

Curriculum Vitae can be found here.

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