Anne Fehres (b.1988) is a filmmaker and visual artist from The Netherlands, who completed her Bachelor of Audiovisual Arts in 2013 from the Royal Art Academy in Ghent, Belgium. Her practice is concerned with social subjects, the relationship between the psychological and the physical nature of people. Curiosity towards people and their relationship with their environment is the driving force behind all Anne's projects, whether this is a real or an artificial world. She is always looking for visual challenges and theoretical depth within her work.

Anne has worked as a freelancer in the roles of producer, director, editor, researcher and director of photography. Anne’s most recent production is the essay film Sakura: An Archetypal Journey. This film was made during the 3331 Arts Chiyoda residence program in Tokyo. The film is an essay film that is based in Japan during the Spring. Sakura; An Archetypal Journey presents a mind-bending narrative as a way to communicate the beginnings of life. This experimental artist film collects footage recorded in Japan and presents it in collage-like form. The film has been screened at film events and film festivals during 2018 and 2019 in Japan, The Netherlands, Russia, Turkey and Bosnia and Herzegovina. Anne is currently working on interdisciplinary projects as part of an artist duo with her partner Luke Conroy.
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