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Textile installation - Public space in Ypres, Belgium

In September 2022 I installed my textile installation 'Solidarity Sky' during ‘Open Sites’ outdoor art exhibition in Ypres, Belgium. The work consists of hundreds of images of the sky, submitted to the project by people in over 80 different countries in the two years prior to the exhibition.  The exhibition will take place between September 5th and October 2nd 2022 on and around the Ypres city walls between the Menin Gate and the Lille Gate in Ypres.

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Feature on Bulgarian National TV

As part of the official opening of my new public artwork in Plovdiv, Bulgaria, I had a national television feature. During the interview the project curator Svetlana Kuyumdzhieva spoke about the project, alongside various shots from the install of the work. This piece was broadcast to thousands of homes as part of the National breakfast news program.

Link to watch television feature

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Opening Public Art in Bulgaria

On August 14, 2022 I officially opened my latest public artwork in Plovdiv, Bulgaria. This work was created during a 6-week residency, undertaking the ninth edition of News From Home, a project which explores the overlooked and omitted stories of a community.

During the residency period I walked over 240 km in the city area, capturing 1000s of photos of the community. A selection of these photos were later cut up in Photoshop and digitally combined into a large photo-montage work.

The final piece features over 500 individual layers, which come together to reflect on various stories from this community, ranging from its ancient history, its socialist past, its present day and imagined future. The final piece was printed out and pasted up to cover a 5x4 metre wall in the centre of Plovdiv.

Link to view project


New Public Artwork coming soon

Soon I am revealing a public artwork in public! I would love to have you present at the opening to enjoy the art, some light refreshments and conversation. If you know of others who may be interested, please pass on this invitation - all welcome!

Date: Sunday the 14th of August.
Time: 19:00
Location: Back of the BNT-Regional Television Centre Plovdiv building, Nayden Gerov St 8 in Plovdiv

Link to Residency social media


Winner Media Arts Film Scholarship 2022

Super honoured to announce that I've won the UNESCO Media Arts Film Scholarship 2022.

The jury was convinced with my film idea 'Unfolding'. The human–nature relationship is reflected through an absurd
and ironic ten-minute yoga routine. This routine takes place in a digitally created surreal setting where two characters assume different body positions by following the instructions of a narrator off-screen.

The work will be realized in the next months and will be shown in the program of the International Film Festival Karlsruhe.

Link to UNESCO City of Media Arts

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Context AiR in Bulgaria

Alongside my long-term collaborator Luke Conroy, my project 'News From Home' has been selected for 'Context AiR Plovdiv'. This program was initiated by the Municipality of Plovdiv and aims at creating new works, partnerships, interventions in public space, inspired by the city of Plovdiv (Bulgaria) and its eclectic mix of ancient history, socialist heritage and modern reality.

The residency is planned for the second half of 2022 - we will provide regular updates via social media during the project.

Link to Residency social media


Exhibition in Barcelona

Coming up in November, I will be exhibiting work as part of 'Sounds of Our Cities'. This is a project based upon research and knowledge transfer between art, technology and social space. The resulting exhibitions include sound art projects developed in two cities, the Krottegem district in Roeselare (Belgium) and the Sant Andreu district in Barcelona, mounting a critical reflection upon cultural identity in relation to community and silence. Follow the link below for all the detail!

To find out more, follow this link.

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Postcard Exchange

The eighth edition of my project News From Home is based in the district of Sant Andreu in Barcelona, as part of the Sounds of Our Cities project. For this project I have created a series of five ‘audio postcards’ inspired by the sounds of Sant Andreu. The postcards feature an object from Sant Andreu on the front and an associated audio piece accessed by a QR-code on the back.

In November, I will be exhibiting my work in Sant Andreu and as part of this will be running a postcard exchange. In the postcard exchange, residents of Sant Andreu will be given the opportunity to send a postcard from their neighbourhood to a variety of locations around the world. These postcards will not only include our work, but also space for a personal written message.

If you would like to receive a postcard, please fill out the ‘Google Form’ here


Online Artist Talk

On October 1, myself alongside collaborator Luke Conroy, will be giving an artist talk, discussing our contribution to the exhibition 'The City'. The City is a digital-based exhibition exploring artistic image and social practice in times of global change. This show is the result of a joint virtual residency that myself alongside twelve other artists and art collectives based in Europe and Russia have undertaken in May-June 2021.

During the artist talk, we will be discussing our contribution to the exhibition - a 360-degree VR work titled 'Naked Windows'. We will discuss our inspiration behind this piece as well as the various methods that went in to its creation.

You can find more details and watch the live artist talk on the exhibition Facebook page.


Project Update: Naked Windows

During May and June, collaborator Luke Conroy and myself, are participating in an online artist residency titled 'The City'. We are currently writing and brainstorming ideas for our final work, with a working title of 'Naked Windows'.


This work will be an interactive 360° video. The title - Naked Windows - refers to the idea of a house without curtains, a common trait of apartments in Dutch cities. Embracing this idea, in the video the audience will occupy the role of a voyeur, invited by the artists to peer ‘backstage’ into their personal and private interior spaces.


You can follow along with our process and find out more about the project on the virtual residency page here. The vernissage of the exhibition for this project will be on the 9th of July.


Selection for 'The City' Program

During May and June, collaborator Luke Conroy and myself, will be participating in an online artist residency titled 'The City'. We were selected for this residency alongside other artists residing in the Netherlands, Denmark, Germany, France, Finland, Italy and Russian Federation.

For the residency we plan to complete a large digital collage animation, around the theme of 'The City'. The exact form and content of this piece will develop throughout the project. The project will last 6 weeks (17 May - 25 June 2021), and will be followed up with an online exhibition (to be opened on 9 July 2021).

The project is co-financed by EUNIC, the European Union National Institutes for Culture, and moreover by the Consulate General of the Netherlands, the Danish Cultural Institute, the Goethe-Institut, the Institut Francais, the Finnish Institute and the Instituto Italiano di Cultura (in St. Petersburg).

Talk To Me Reinaerde De Heygraeff Audio

Talk To Me - Presentation

Photos of the official launch of the 'Talk To Me' - De Heygraeff audio tour. Over the past three months I have been working in the 'Re-creatie' program, within the context of Reinaerde, a care organisation in the Netherlands for adults with severe disabilities.

'Talk To Me' - De Heygraeff audio tour invites the audience to listen to five audio pieces in around the context of 'De Heygraeff', where Reinaerde is located. Each of these interviews is with a fictional character, that is 'other-than ‘human'. Although absurd and humorous in nature, the topics that each conversation touches upon offer an insight in to some of the many perspectives around the disabled care context. 

Photo by Ben Nienhuis


Online Presentation - Talk To Me

On the 26th of March, I will be presenting the outcome my artist residency in the 'Re-Creatie' program. Over the past three months I have been working in this program, within the context of Reinaerde, a care organisation in The Netherlands for adults with severe disabilities.


The project I have created, alongside collaborator Luke Conroy, is titled 'Talk To Me'. This project is an audio tour, that invites the audience to listen to five audio pieces in around the context of 'De Heygraeff', where Reinaerde is located. Each of these interviews is with a fictional character, that is 'other-than ‘human'. Although absurd and humorous in nature, the topics that each conversation touches upon offer an insight in to some of the many perspectives around the disabled care context.

We will be presenting the outcome of the residency in an online presentation at 15:30-17:00 CEST, on Friday 26th March. 

Re-creatie Woudenberg

Re-creatie Reinaerde 2021

From January to March 2021 I will be working with Luke Conroy on a new edition of our project 'Talk To Me'. This new edition will occur as part of our selection for the Artist-In-Residence 'Re-Creatie' program in Woudenberg, The Netherlands. This program brings together the areas of art, social design and reuse in the unique context of the care organisation Reinaerde.

Our goal in this new edition of the project is to make new connections between this organisation where people with a (severe) mental and physical disability live, and the (recreational) environment around them. As much use as possible will be made of residual materials from the organization and the surroundings. In this way, care for people and material come together in one place: physical and social repair.

Due to COVID-19 restrictions there will be various challenges and restrictions along the way, however we are very excited to dive in to this new edition of our project in this context. Over the next three months we are working on a series of sounds works based on fictional conversations with objects in this area.

This project is supported by Stimuleringsfonds Creatieve Industrie.


Newspaper publication

The News From Home newspaper has arrived. This 16 page newspaper features 52 stories and accompanying collages from the first six locations of this project.


After working away digitally on the newspaper for months and the @news_from_home project for over two years, we have just received the final prints in the mail. Thanks to everyone who has purchased a copy, they will be on their journey to you soon!


Upcoming Release of the
'News From Home' Newspaper

Soon my ongoing documentary project News From Home will have a publication. This project, which has taken place in 8 countries to date, will soon be published in a limited-edition 16 page newspaper. I have dedicated much of the past two years to this project and I am excited to give it a new audience and share its stories further.


The final touches are being put on the newspaper now, with the distribution to be announced in the coming weeks. To find out more you can head to the project's Instagram page.


'Sounds of Our Cities' Project

Alongside artist Luke Conroy, I am currently (October - November 2020) undertaking a residency in Barcelona as part of the SOUNDS OF OUR CITIES project. This is a European project of cultural cooperation based upon research and the transfer of knowledge among the spheres of art, technology and social space. It is led by the City of Roeselare, Idensitat, Dear Hunter and Aalborg Universitet. The project focuses on two local contexts (Krottegem in Roeselare and Sant Andreu in Barcelona), as a critical reflection upon cultural identity in relation to the concepts of community and silence.​

We will be working on our project 'News From Home' during the residency - capturing various sounds from the local community of Sant Andreu (Barcelona). We will develop an exhibition of our work from this period, to be displayed next year.

exhibition Tasman -Luke Conroy & Anne Fe

TASMAN - Virtual Tour

There is now a virtual tour of my exhibition 'Tasman' available online, for those that are unable to make the exhibition because of COVID restrictions and distance.


The tour can be done on a mobile device, however the best experience is from a desktop computer. You can move around the exhibition space, as well as click on various links to view images of work details.

Project is supported by Stroom Den Haag.

TASMAN - Online Invitation.jpg

Exhibition at Concordia

On the 18th of September I have a new solo exhibition opening at Concordia in Enschede in The Netherlands. The exhibition, produced with Australian artist Luke Conroy, is based upon the Dutch explorer Abel Tasman.


This project stems from our shared interest in this figure and our shared history, as this Dutch man 'discovered' Tasmania in 1642 and this is the island where Luke grew up. 

The works included in the exhibition will be a combination of digitally printed collages and manual techniques.

You can find out more info on the exhibition here.

Talk To Me - Het Klimaatmuseum

Exhibition on Pampus island

On the 15th of August, a new project titled 'Talk To Me' will be exhibited on the Pampus, an artificial island in The Netherlands.


Talk To Me is a sound installation that gives nature on Pampus a voice. What does a tree, stone or blade of grass have to say? Absurd sounds and fictional dialogues make us think about a different, more sustainable world.

I hope with our creativity and imagination to stimulate meaningful engagement, connection and appreciation with and for the earth.

More info about the project:


Virtual community driven artwork Solidarity Sky

Together with Luke Conroy I was able to secure funding from Stroom Den Haag and CultuurSchakel this month, to help support the online project Solidarity Sky. This is a virtual community driven artwork with the aim of bringing people together through sharing personal images of the sky. On the website, users are invited to become the artist in this project, contributing their own ‘piece of sky’ that will join a larger ‘virtual sky’ made up of thousands of images from across the world.​


Solidarity Sky intends to encourage creative participation, unite people across real and imagined borders and foster hope through shared visions of something we all hold common – the sky above our heads.

Link to the website Solidarity Sky

Talk To Me - Anne Fehres & Luke Conroy

Selected for project and exhibition for Het Klimaatmuseum 

Together with Luke Conroy I have been selected for Het Klimaatmuseum to work on the Pampus island (NL). We have proposed to develop the project ‘Talk To Me’. This is a humorous and thoughtful sound project which aims to explore the possibility for Human communication with the ‘Other Than Human’. It does so through the creation of various absurdist, fictional dialogues with objects/entities around the Pampus island. 

Sounds of Our Cities

Selection for 'Sounds of Our Cities' Project in Barcelona

Together with the Australian artist Luke Conroy I am working on a new audio project which will be presented at the 'Sounds of our Cities' event in Barcelona. This is an European project of Cultural Cooperation carried out between City of Roeselare, Dear Hunter, Aalborg University and Idensitat. It aims to explore urban areas, focusing on the locality, including local audiences and reflecting on cultural identity in relationship with the community.


The central artistic activity of the project is the development of two sound art exhibitions, which will be embedded into specific sites in the urban environments. We are excited to be part of this project and work on some 'audio postcards' as part of the exhibition.

 Exhibition Opening - News From Home in Russia

Exhibition Opening

News From Home in Russia

On the 24th of December, 2019 I was in Russia to open the exhibition 'News From Home' Petrozavodsk. This project was the work of myself and Luke Conroy and consisted of 16 collages and 38 photographs. As part of the opening there was a postcard exchange organised as part of our the project. Forty four locals from Petrozavodsk wrote a message on a postcard designed for this project.


These postcards will be sent to to people in 18 different countries around the world including Australia, Japan, Korea, China, Iceland, Finland, Spain, Philippines, India, The Netherlands, Russia, U.S.A, Canada and Indonesia. 

Icefolf Reykjavik exibition Anne Fehres

News from Home

Icefold Group Show

ICE FOLD /// Group exhibition at Sim Gallery in Reykjavik. 

Opening this Thursday on the 28th November from 5PM till 7PM at SIM Gallery.

For this exhibition we have chosen to experiment with creating a ‘moving postcard, to provide an insight in to Icelandic stories beyond the typical ‘tourist gaze’. Each of the scenes presented collaged photographs that the artists have captured during their stay in Iceland during November

Undullsland - FINAL.jpg

News from Home

Residency Kunsthal Viborg

I started the residency at Viborg Kunsthal in Viborg, Denmark. I'll stay here for 6 weeks. In this project I'm exploring the area of Viborg- it’s places, people and their stories. The ultimate aim of this project is to complete various ‘postcards’ which act are anti-iconic postcards. Rather than iconic images of Denmark, that the outside world or tourist is used to seeing, we want to create works based around people, stories and objects that are usually hidden.

Project is supported by Viborg Kunsthal and European Cultural Foundation (ECF).

Artist Profile.jpg

News from Home on television in Russia

We held an Artist Talk about our project News from Home at the медиа-центр vыход/ media center vykhod in Petrozavodsk. We had an amazing audience and a Russian television station came to film the presentation. This presentation was a good closure for our stay at the Karelian Art Residence. We are leaving with more experiences, lots of stories and we are looking forward to come back for our exhibition in December. 


News from Home

Residency in Petrozavodsk

After completing News From Home in Germany, The Netherlands and Finland, we have now landed in Russia. In July we will be researching and working in the city of Petrozavodsk as part of AiR Karelia. In December this year we will present the results in Медиа-центр Vыход/ Media Center Vykhod.

Project is supported by AiR Karelia and Stroom Den Haag.


Support Stroom Den Haag

Thanks to Stroom Den Haag for their generous support of the News from Home - Petrozavodsk exhibition that will be held in December 2019 - February 2020. Opening will be on the 24th of December 2019.