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Naked Windows

Naked Windows is an immersive 360-degree short film, a meta-work exploring and imagining the possible realities outside of the rectangular boxes presented in virtual meetings. In the video the audience occupies the role of a voyeur, invited by the artists to peer ‘backstage’ into their personal interior spaces while they engage in a virtual presentation. In this role, the audience must negotiate their own curiosity and voyeurism while exploring the boundaries between public and private, truth and fiction. 

Interact with the video by dragging your cursor or using keyboard arrows to move. Set your viewing quality settings to 4K for maximum resolution. Recommended viewing with headphones and on desktop or mobile via the Vimeo app. Or when available with a VR headset.

This immersive video has been made by the artist duo Anne Fehres & Luke Conroy while participating in the virtual residency organised by The European Union National Institutes for Culture during the COVID-19 pandemic. Naked Windows is a humorous reflection on the artist's reality today and is captured in their own intimate living spaces. The scenes are presented as modern still lifes—arrangements of daily life objects combined with objects from the artist's imagination. - As part of the project there was a physical exhibition of THE CITY in Saint Petersburg at the Pushkinskaya 10 Arts Center were the audience was able to interact and experience the work with VR glasses. After this exhibition the videowork was selected for Animation Nights New York in USA and for The 17th Athens Digital Arts Festival in Greece.

The virtual residency is a joint project of the EUNIC Cluster in St. Petersburg in cooperation with St. Petersburg Art Residency (SPAR). The project is funded by EUNIC, the Consulate General of the Netherlands, the Danish Cultural Institute, the Goethe Institute, the Institut Français, the Finnish Institute and the Instituto Italiano di Cultura in St. Petersburg. Curator: Anastasia Patsey.

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