[ongoing project collaborating with artist Luke Conroy]


News from Home explores places, its people and their stories. The project is based on the creation of various 2D art objects which are closely aligned with the ‘postcard’ form. The aim of these objects is that they provide an opportunity for the artists and the greater community to gain a multilayered insight into a place, its social life and diverse identity.


An additional aspect of this project is a series of smaller designs presented as postcards. Our choice for the postcard form is important for this project, it helps our intention of favouring what is outside the tourist gaze. The cultural history of the postcard means that whatever is placed on its front is given a symbolic pedestal. This is a space usually reserved for the iconic. We hope that these new postcard forms change the narrative of the postcard, to offer insight into underrepresented but important people, stories and places. We hope these postcards can find their way elsewhere to help share an alternative view of the place.

See the rest of Luke's work at his website: www.luke-conroy.com and follow our project on Instagram: @news_from_home

NEWS FROM HOME designs (2019)

NEWS FROM HOME exhibition at Vitrine Blanche, Berlin (2019)

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