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Revival Roadshow

Upcoming: Late 2024

Revival Roadshow_Anne Fehres and Luke Conroy_Preview Still (6).png

"Revival Roadshow" is a 15-minute virtual reality artwork blending cinema and video art to explore colonial legacies and their impacts on contemporary and future cultures. Centering on Abel Tasman, a 17th-century Dutch explorer, the piece critiques the myth-making surrounding colonial heroes.


Set in a future where Tasman is resurrected to lead a new Dutch Golden Age, the narrative unfolds like an "Antique Roadshow" episode, examining a future painting of Tasman with dark humor and critical reflection. The story is interspersed with abstract scenes, featuring a collage of colonial-era artworks mixed with absurdist and satirical elements.


Audience members, acting as co-creators, navigate a non-linear experience where their gaze dictates the audio narration they will experience.  While each audience member’s experience will unfold a defined 15-minutes timeline, this innovative approach to audio storytelling will ensure each viewer’s experience is unique. This interactive approach mirrors the constant barrage of information and contested opinions in today’s world, inviting viewers to reflect on their role in sustaining or challenging historical legacies and to consider alternative, decolonial futures.

This project is supported by:

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