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Virtual Listening

‘Virtual Listening’ is a participatory sonic experience that reflects on the ephemeral nature of our digital and connected present through a physical experience in public space. In the work an audience is blindfolded and transported through a location on a vehicle. During this journey the audience will encounter their surroundings via a geolocated soundscape, generated from encounters with this particular location in both physical and virtual space. 

The project will be exhibited in the FMR – Biennial. This is a festival for art in digital contexts and public spaces which will take place in Linz, Austria, from June 6 to 11, 2023 at the southern harbor district of Linz. The project will then be exhibited as part of the festival in June 2023.

Supported by LINZ FMR

3 D images of Google Earth: Exploring the fleeting nature of Google Earth, reflecting on the changing nature of the environment and the impact of time on memories and identities. This exploration is part of the research and creation. In June 2023 the project will be finished.

This project is supported by LINZ FMR

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