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News From Home - Berlin - Wedding, Germany

The first iteration of this project took place in the Berlin neighbourhood of Wedding during a residency in January and February 2019. During this time we were based at the Institut für Alles Mögliche. Six pieces from this residency were presented at the exhibition space ‘Vitrine Blanche’ in Berlin during March 2019.
Each piece in this exhibition combined over 50 individual photographs captured throughout the residency period. These images were digitally recomposed to create scenes that illustrates the people, stories and places that we found intriguing during our time in Wedding.

An additional aspect of this project is a series of eight smaller designs presented as postcards. Our choice for the postcard form is important for this project, it helps our intention of favouring what is outside the tourist gaze. The cultural history of the postcard means that whatever is placed on its front is given a symbolic pedestal. This is a space usually reserved for the iconic. We hope that these new postcard forms change the narrative of the postcard, to offer insight into underrepresented but important people, stories and places. We hope these postcards can find their way elsewhere to help share an alternative view of Wedding and Berlin.

To view the exhibition notes for this project, click here.

NEWS FROM HOME Exhibition at Vitrine Blanche, Berlin (2019)

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