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News From Home - Kaohsiung​


EXHIBITION: APRIL 13 to 21, 2024, P3-1 Warehouse, Dayong Area, Pier-2 Art Center

News From Home - Kaohsiung

News From Home is an ongoing project by the artist duo Anne Fehres and Luke Conroy, capturing overlooked stories from communities. The 11th edition of this project took place during a 3-month artist-residency in Kaohsiung, Taiwan as part of the Pier-2 Art Center Residency Program.


"News From Home - Kaohsiung" is a layered exploration of Kaohsiung, Taiwan. This multimedia exhibition delves into the everyday life of the City, weaving documentary realism with playful surrealism. In the works presented, Kaohsiung’s past reaches through to the present, everyday life is celebrated and future dreams emerge.


In early-2024 the artist duo immersed themselves in Kaohsiung, covering over 300 kilometres by foot as they connected with the local community. During this exploratory process they captured over 9000 photographs, alongside hours of audio-visual material. This fieldwork served as the foundation for a series of large-scale photomontage installations and accompanying audio-visual works.


Each installation combines hundreds of digitally composed photographs of daily life in Kaohsiung to create a series of interconnected narratives. These works utilise a colour palette inspired by the vivid temples and the neon glow of street signs. Alongside this, the exhibition’s audio-visual works present an endless stream of ephemeral moments captured in Kaohsiung. These moments are interwoven with the spoken stories of students from a local elementary school.


Ultimately, 'News From Home - Kaohsiung' presents a collective vision of the City, highlighting the significance of everyday moments in shaping its distinct identity. The exhibition offers a rich, layered portrayal of Kaohsiung, intertwining the personal insights of the artists with the potential for diverse audience perspectives.

Supported by: Pier-2 Art Center, Stroom Den Haag

Exhibition views

Documentation Video

Digital Photomontages

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