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News From Home - Petrozavodsk, Russia

The fourth location for 'News From Home' was in Petrozavodsk, Russia.  Here we were part of the Karelian Art Residency program. The works were exhibited at Vykhod Media Center in Petrozavodsk, Russia from 24.12.2019 until 02.02.2020. See the works and more information about the exhibition below and view the exhibition catalogue here. Project is supported by AiR Karelia and Stroom Den Haag.

As part of the exhibition opening of 'News From Home - Petrozavodsk', we ran a postcard exchange. On postcards featuring one of our designs on the front and a research text on the back, locals from the area wrote down a personal message to send abroad. Through an open call on social media, 44 people from 18 different countries registered to receive these cards. The aim of this initiative was to promote the sharing of individual community stories, alongside the stories of our work, to a broad audience outside of the gallery context.

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